Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The (Hypocritical) Democratic Party and Race

Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but the woman has balls. Massive balls. I'm not even kidding...I wouldn't be surprised if she literally had them, which may explain why Bill is never in her bed....
All jokes aside, how someone who is over a hundred delegates behind the front-runner can suggest, not to mention insist, that the party would be best served by having her on top of a Hillary-Obama ticket is unfathomable. Read some views and takes on the story from Jack Cafferty, as well as some inflamed readers, including a few from the Great White North (no, I wasn't responding in disguise) :

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees Hillary for the bitter, greedy old hag she is. I've been preaching it on this blog from Day 1. Hill-Bill will do anything to become President of the United States. Hill because she wants to prove at all costs that she was the brain behind Bill's presidency, and Bill because he wants to prove to his wife that despite his loose morals, he loves her and would do anything for her, including twist a few superdelegate arms and make inflammatory comments. I guess the 'ghosts' of Lewinsky and Paula Jones (and who knows how many other average-looking secretaries) still haunt the Clintons.

In a related issue, wasn't it funny to see a so-called Liberal (and former Democratic Party VP candidate) Geraldine Ferraro play the race card and get all the media flak? Funny because she wasn't the first to do it, despite the media trying to make it seem like she was. Yes, Bill himself - the self-appointed "first black President" - who sees himself as the Messiah of black people was the first person to bring race into this race (pardon the pun).

What is not funny, and what has continually been revealed in this race is the apparent willingness of white folks who claim to be liberal to come out and showing their racist tendencies. This is a group that will go to war for gays, criminals, the so-called right to choose (otherwise known as the right to kill) and other despicable practices/elements of society, yet will continually try to insult and demean the black race. Even when they do something positive for our race, they try to rub it in (a la Clinton) and assume themselves to be our Saviors. They don't mind doing anything for us, as long as we stay perpetually under them.

This is at the heart of the reason why I've never cottoned onto the political left. At least with the right-wing of politics, you know where you stand on issues. Frankly, anyone telling me the Republican Party is more racist than the Democratic Party (or Conservative Party vs Liberal/NDP Parties in Canada) should have their heads examined. The difference between the right and the left is that the left will say anything to win votes, but they are all the same at the end of the day, run by white men and increasingly by white women, who are beginning to show that they are just as vitriolic, racist and "patriarchial"(we'll need to find a new word, because matriarchal is too gentle) as their male counterparts.

I can make a bold declaration - If Obama was a white man, with the same intellect, charisma and ideas, this race would have been over in New Hampshire. The Senator from New York would have been knocked out a long time ago.


  1. Now we are getting to the good stuff in this campaign. I was actually waiting for this all year long and I am glad it came from someone this high in politics. It was long awaited. Ferraro has financially contributed to the Clinton campaign. Therefore, I think it is ironic that she would make the statement that Obama was only in his situation because of race, when clearly Hillary is only a presidential candidate because of her marriage to Bill Clinton. Her comment about Obama was not just "politically incorrect", it was pretty hypocritical.

    Right now Hillary's campaign is now saying that Obama's outrage over Ferraro's comments is simply a political calculation on the eve of a primary (something they actually do so well)

    "We reject these false, personal and politically calculated attacks on the eve of a primary. This campaign should be about the leadership we need for a better future and these attacks serve only to divide the Democratic Party and the American people."

    She means she rejects Obama's attacks on Ferraro, not that she rejects Ferraro's comments about Obama (though Hillary has said she doesn't agree with Ferraro). Then Ferraro added :

    "David Axelrod who knows me better, should not have gotten this whole campaign going," said Ferraro, accusing the Obama campaign of stoking the controversy. She added: "If in 1984 my name was Gerard Ferraro instead of Geraldine Ferraro, I would never have been the nominee for VP."

    Hmmm... So she's saying that in the same way that the party picked her to be on the ticket because she's a woman, they've chosen Obama to be on the ticket because he's black. Really??? It had nothing to do with her abilities? I find that surprising if you ask. Camp Clinton or Clinton’s Camp is getting ugly and by ugly I mean ridiculously desperate.

    Naz, I’m glad we are on the same page on this candidates or I would have replied with a 30 page letter straight from the heart. But clearly, we both see the odds of this woman being president. The Democratic party needs to talk her out of continuing with the disgusting, train wreck, quixotic stupidity that her campaign has become. She needs to be stopped before she spoils this and allow the Republicans who are definitely typing away all this stupidity and are ready to launch attacks come August when we know who the nominee is. This lady is making me lose my sanity.

  2. Agree with you on every point raised. What makes me laugh even harder is Hillary continous mention of her "experience". It's either Bill Clinton was the dumbest guy ever (and Hillary was really the President) or Hillary is a massive liar and hypocrite.

    Personally, while I think McCain is too old, I would prefer him. As I;ve said, it's at times like this that white liberals are shown up for who they really are. If Obama was white, he would have won hands down.