Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quit Now!

So I've been ignoring the US Democratic Party nomination and all other related issues for a long time now, mostly because it degenerated into a mud-slinging, name-calling vitriolic drive on both sides, but especially from the Hill-Bill machine. Also, at those points, it still looked like the result may have been in doubt and I wanted things to look a lot more definite before I took the time off my busy day to expound on the topic.

I think after last night, we have moved into a different phase in the electioneering campaign, and I fully expect that this race will be over by the end of this month. I'm pretty sure Hilary isn't going to concede the nomination to Barack, but I guess we can hope that the superdelegates exert their powers and by deserting her, help to open her eyes to see the reality of the situation. This space therefore presumes that Barack will be the Democratic nominee come November.

There are a few people/issues that must be covered in the wake of this inevitability:

Barack - Some of the luster definitely wore off in the last few weeks, which believe it or not is a good thing. You'd rather hear those critiques now than later...and you handled them (for the most part) like a champ. As long as you aren't cheating on your wife or taxes, it'll be hard for the smear-mongers to come up with new stuff. Of course, this is politics, so I fully expect that statement to be meaningless in a couple of...days :-)

Word of Advice - Next time you are in church and your pastor starts saying stuff that's mildly controversial, feel free to up and leave. God will forgive me.

Hilary - Well, the ride is almost over. Feels bittersweet, doesn't it? On the one hand, you proved that women have what it takes to be President (of course, the enlightened few of us always knew that), but on the other you showed that being bitchy doesn't pay off. If you had been a nicer, less polarizing person, I do believe you may have been in with a chance.
Ladies everywhere, take note. Guys may "respect" you if you are hard-ass and "bitchy", but when the chips are down, we'll be supporting the "nice" is what it is.

Word of Advice - Make it official. Quit...NOW

Bill - Ha ha. You honestly thought you would have another stab at your private bordello, this time without the extra burden of being Mr. President? Nice try.

Word of Advice - Get a good divorce lawyer. I think Hilary has no more use for you, plus she needs to repay all that cash she's been lending her campaign.

Jeremiah Wright - Your ignorance, arrogance and stupidity know no bounds. I won't waste much more space on you. If you are a pastor, I'm John the Baptist.

Word of Advice - Shut up already.

Blue-collar workers of America - I guess you continually demonstrate your supposed low IQs by fulfilling the billing the media has given you as Hilary's "base". Everytime you vote for her, that's another vote from a demographic that is tagged "unintelligent", "rednecked", "ignorant" and yes, "racist". If these statements don't describe you, do yourselves a collective favor next time you vote and challenge the norms society expects from you.

Word of Advice - She ain't winnin', not now, not ever. Sorry y'all.

In other news,
The nonsensical furor over the Beijing Olympics seems to have died down. Good, let me enjoy my Olympics in (hopefully) peace. We can discuss human rights after that.

Bahamas in June? Sounds like a plan.

Why do black men and black women (especially in North America) have such a dysfunctional relationship with each other? Are we even on the same wavelengths on several issues, especially when it comes to relationships?

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